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About Me

I Got a Way With Words

The name's Dana Severson, and I'm a Minneapolis-based freelance copywriter.  Otherwise known as a pen for hire, and by pen, I mean keyboard. But you get the drift.

Like you, I’m passionate about what I do.  I thrive on turning all those thoughts and ideas — you know, the ones bouncing around in your head — into memorable and meaningful marketing copy.  Copy that sparks interest and elevates your business above all the rest.

Now, who can't use a little o' that?

Armed with a background in both copywriting and marketing, I can safely say I know how to turn a phrase  — and target an audience.  My job is to build brands, and I do it one word at a time, so you can focus on the things you do best…like running your business.

Looking for Marketing Copy That Sells?

If you’d like to find out how this skilled copywriter can make the written word work for you, fill out a contact form, or email me directly at write@danaseverson.com.

You can also reach me in person at (612) 669-9305.

For those of you looking to spruce up existing marketing materials, a copywriter like myself can offer a fresh perspective on your work.

Just say the word, and we can get people talking about you!

Copywriting Made Easy! Copywriting Done Well!

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