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As more and more businesses take to the Internet, it’s become even more crucial to have an outstanding website. Not just a site to serve as a brochure for products or services, but one rich with quality content. And a great way to add quality content is by starting a blog.

Gives You Credibility

A blog can educate consumers. It can brief them on topics, trends and innovations within your particular industry. Any insights or advice you offer help establish you as a thought leader in the marketplace. This can foster trust and credibility, which then can be leveraged to build your brand and business.

Engages Consumers

You’re also more easily able to engage consumers. People interact with a blog. They question, dispute or discuss the ideas put forth in each post. And when you remark on these comments, you’re actually starting a conversation with prospects. No other form of marketing offers this.

Gets You Found

Blog posts act as pages to your site, which can help elevate your search engine results. The more content you have floating out there on the Internet, the easier it becomes for consumers to find you. When no one finds your site, you’re not doing much to generate prospects or leads. 

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Whenever you like, really. Just give me a call at (612) 669-9305. Or shoot me an email at write@danaseverson.com. You can also contact me directly on my website to take advantage of my blogging services.

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