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Products or services needing more than the initial contact to convert consumers into customers often benefit from a brochure. It gives consumers time to study what you’re offering — at their leisure, no less — and make an informed and confident decision.

When someone feels assured in what he or she is buying, it can lead to a longer-lasting relationship. And I don’t need to tell you what that can mean…more business.

So how do you go about getting a brochure like this? Yep, you guessed it. Yours truly (I mean, really…I’d be foolish not to say me, right?). So...


I get it. I get what it takes to sell. It’s part of my background as a marketing professional. And that's what you get with my brochure writing services.

Here's the thing, you need to know…

  • The audience. People from different walks of life want different info during the purchase process. Makes sense, right? A teacher looking to buy computer software is after different knowledge than an IT professional. You need to write for the reader if you ever hope to make the sale.
  • The selling process. Brochures come into play during various parts of the selling process. It’s important to define where and when the brochure is going to land in the hands of your prospects. A brochure for an uninformed buyer is quite different than one used to close a sale. 
  • The marketing mix. For some people, a brochure is one of the few pieces of marketing materials used to sell their wares, while other brochures are a small part of a fairly deep mix of marketing collateral. A stand-alone brochure looks much different from a supplemental one. 
  • The keep factor. Besides securing a lead or making a sale, the best brochures get kept. The key to this is providing something readers need. And I’m not talking just products or services, but some detailed info that makes people pause and decide to keep it for later.

Anyone offering brochure writing services needs to grasp each of these elements to really create a persuasive brochure. And I've got you covered.


Brochures don’t make sense for all businesses — and this from someone who makes a living off 'em (though I could probably come up with at least a reason or two…especially when I put my mind to it). If your client contact takes place primarily online, the cost of a printed brochure might not be money well spent. I’ll gladly let you know if another type of marketing channel would better serve your business.


Whenever you like, really. Just give me a call at (612) 669-9305. Or, shoot me an email at write@danaseverson.com. You can also contact me directly on my website to take advantage of my brochure writing services.



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