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Tweeting’s Best Left to the Birds

by Dana Severson

I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. I don’t get how anyone can effectively use Twitter to grow a business. It just doesn’t make sense. And this from someone who whole-heartedly believes inbound marketing efforts work — and work well.

Books have been devoted to the topic, I know. Plenty of articles and blogs expound on its value. Each telling us we need a Twitter account, especially if we ever hope to compete in this social media landscape.

Whatever. I can’t connect the dots, even knowing the top 10 reasons of its worth.

1.To enhance customer service (how?)

2.To identify problems (okay, I’ll give you that one)

3.To run specials and promotions (I’ll give you that one, too)

4.To strengthen business relationships (really? strengthen?)

5.To make new business contacts (by following or being followed?)

6.To use tweets as testimonials (huh? you can’t read half of ‘em)

7.To get some free publicity (maybe…if a Kardashian tweeted it)

8.To stay abreast of business trends (I guess)

9.To boost search engine results (I don’t know if that one really counts

10.To build your personal brand (my favorite)

Here’s the thing, aren’t there more useful methods for getting the word out? I mean, seriously, can you really say much in 140 characters or less? 

“im tired…#idontunderstandwhy…probably #momstuff…need #coffee #nom bring it on. im gonna #startthemorningright” 

What am I to glean from this? It’s like reading code. Or worse yet, Pig Latin.

“ouldshay eway ogay otay away oviemay onighttay?”

Maybe I’m using it wrong. Chances are good. But it’s never done much for my business, and I tip my hat to those who’ve found success with it.

As an inbound marketer, I know we should use every media channel available to touch consumers. But we always talk about “noise” getting in the way of marketing messages, and isn’t Twitter the noisiest of them all?

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