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Cast Smaller Nets…And Many of Them

by Dana Severson


In marketing, we often cast a fairly wide net. We want to capture the broadest possible audience to generate the most buzz about whatever we’re selling. Even with the advent of inbound marketing, content marketing, and all its iterations, we still insist on fishing in the densest of pools.
The law of averages tells us this should work, right?
But these pools are filled with diverse consumers — each curious about a given product or service for very different and distinct reasons. Trying to talk to them in the exact same fashion can dilute almost any message, sometimes to the point where no one bites.
Rather than throwing out a wide and expansive net, isn’t it better and more strategic to cast a number of smaller ones?
It may take a little more time, energy, and (gasp) money, but each net can then be tailored to the very needs of a specific segment of consumers. It becomes personal. We start talking directly to them, establishing a one-on-one relationship and encouraging an engagement on a much deeper level.
With such a personalized approach, consumers no longer feel as if we’re marketing to them. They become more receptive to our message and — as much as I hate to say it — our persuasion.
Yes, the nets are small. But because of their number, we’re still reaching just as many people as we were before, and these people are far more responsive. They’re far more willing to do business with us.
The next time you look at a product or service, determine what it means to each segment of your audience — not the audience as a whole — then tailor a number of smaller nets with much tighter weaves.
Speak to each niche; they’re there.
Doing so can cause the marketer to disappear, and all that’s left is the relationship between the product and the consumer.
Translation? A better return on investment. And who doesn’t want that?


This post was originally published on Beneath the Brand.

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