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The Persuasive Power of Postscripts

Postscripts are overlooked — it’s a simple fact of almost any direct marketing effort. Practically all attention is paid to subject lines and copy content. Both are important, yes…but maybe not as much as the postscript. Huh? Here’s the thing. Besides the first sentence, consumers tend to read the very end of an email or letter before they read anything else, especially when it comes to a P.S.

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Don’t Count Out Direct Mail…Not Yet, At Least

After a quiet launch just over a year ago, Every Door Direct Mail is getting a massive multimedia marketing push. Part of the campaign is a series of television spots, each taking clever aim at the problems still facing businesses today. Finding an audience, driving in traffic, and just getting views are all fodder for these ads. And though they don’t come out and say it, it’s hard not to notice that they’re talking about the web as well.

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