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Don’t Count Out Direct Mail…Not Yet, At Least

By Dana Severson


After a quiet launch just over a year ago, Every Door Direct Mail is getting a massive multimedia marketing push. Part of the campaign is a series of television spots, each taking clever aim at the problems still facing businesses today. Finding an audience, driving in traffic, and just getting views are all fodder for these ads. And though they don’t come out and say it, it’s hard not to notice that they’re talking about the web as well.
Do they have a point? Possibly.
With businesses placing greater emphasis on inbound marketing strategies, you have to wonder if the waters are getting a bit murky for consumers surfing the web.
Yes, each new algorithm rewards less optimized sites, giving better search rankings tohubs with quality content. But as more and more people master the latest rules of SEO, someone — no matter the substance or significance — is going to end up adrift on page ten. Not the best place to be to build your business.  
So could the Postal Service be the anchor you’re looking for?
Think about it. Fewer and fewer businesses use direct mail to talk to consumers. And with less competition for public attention, the chances of being seen become that much greater. Could this now stack the odds of being found in your favor?
Every Door Direct Mail allows you to choose the neighborhoods to target. You don’t need to supply them with names or addresses of your audience. They’ll do that for you. All for a cost of 14.5 cents per piece. Plus, they’ll even partner you up with a local printer to create your mailer.
No doubt this is sounding like a paid endorsement. Trust me, no money exchanged hands — though I’m not opposed to it. You hear that Postmaster General?
What I’m getting at is how quick we are to just abandon things of the past. Draw a line in the sand and declare that traditional marketing strategies no longer work.
They can and they do.
This isn’t to say social media and all its iterations aren’t useful. People are changing the way they shop and marketing strategies must reflect this for a business to stay relevant in the marketplace. You’d be foolish not to leverage all the tools available to touch consumers.  
But an affordable, eye-catching postcard at just the right time could be the right thing to get you noticed — at least by local consumers. And local consumers are key to getting most start-ups past year one.
Rather than focusing on just new marketing practices, make traditional methods in some way part of your media mix. You could be neglecting an opportunity to talk to a community more than willing to become the foundation of your business.

So what do you think? Does direct mail still have a place in marketing strategies?


This post was originally published at Beneath the Brand.


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