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Most Influential Call-to-Action You’ll Ever Use

By Dana Severson


Calling consumers to take action is probably the single most important concept in marketing. After capturing the attention of your audience and articulating how your products or services can benefit your readers, you tell them what to do. 


Without some sort of directive, the consumer is less likely to take the next step. And you fail to convert.

As marketers, we know this. We know we must ask people to subscribe to our free newsletters, to contact us for our free consultations, to download our free trials of new software. But with blogs, we often forget to ask to comment on our posts.

A short, simple request calling readers to remark, retort, or even criticize is one of the easiest things you can do. Yet many of us feel it’s unnecessary.

Here’s the thing; blogs are becoming an ever-more essential part of our marketing mix. And this call-to-action can change your website from a static webrochure to a living, breathing inbound hub. The inbound hub you want and need it to be.

When you encourage comments, you might find an offhanded remark or opposing opinion that sparks an idea. An idea for an additional post that adds to the quality content of your site. As your content improves, it can impact your SEO standings and bring you closer to the top of page one.

Comments also act like endorsements for your articles. The more comments on a page, the more likely people are to read what’s written. If what’s written is unique and informative, it can garner trust. Trust leads to loyalty, and we all know what loyalty can build — additional business.

Better yet, comments give you the opportunity to interact. The chance to start an actual conversation with an audience. Years ago, this was next to impossible. Now, you can engage in a discussion with a number of readers, so take advantage of it. 

Plus, you never know where a discussion can take you. It could end up bringing you more qualified leads.
On your next post, take a moment and ask people to “tell me what you think” or “leave a comment below.” You could give rise to a conversation that benefits your business.
Do you agree? Let's see those comments roll in...


This post was originally published at Beneath the Brand.


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