Dana Severson

Copywriter | Marketer

(612) 669-9305

Building Brands One Word at a Time

What I Do

Make 'em Laugh. Make 'em Cry. Make 'em Take Notice.

Consumers are savvy. It doesn’t take them long to figure out when you’re trying to “sell” them. Instead, you need to strike up a compelling conversation, and together, we can do just that.

By getting to the heart of your business, I can help you develop marketing materials that engage consumers and establish relationships with them to help you find success in the marketplace.

Although I do a little bit of everything, I consider myself skilled in a few particular areas.

What I Do Best:

Looking for something else? Let me know. More often than not, I'm happy to oblige. 

And don't let proximity deter you from using my copywriting services. I've greased many a wheel with my words around the U.S. 

For a free quote on a copywriting job, please email me at write@danaseverson.com. Or give me a call at (612) 669-9305.

You can also fill out my handy-dandy contact form with all of the details on your next marketing project.

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