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Is Being “Liked” Worth the Effort?

Last week, I met up with one of my clients to talk about some upcoming projects, and the discussion quickly turned to social media — more specifically, Facebook. She didn’t understand how to use it to convert consumers into customers. In fact, not a single one of her current clients had come to her through this channel. I assured her that she was not alone. 

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Yet Another 3 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

I know, I’m starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to social media. But it’s fast becoming the marketing method of choice for many businesses. Twitter, Facebook and all the other social channels are a quick and easy way to stay connected with an audience and help build brand awareness. Unfortunately, the casualness of being social has led many of us to not always think things through. And informality has a way of increasing the chances of making a mistake.

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Is Being “Liked” Reason Enough for a Facebook Business Page?

Facebook for Business. You’ve got a page. If you don’t, you probably plan to. Or someone in your circle is insisting you should, and offering up a whole laundry list of reasons why. It’s popular. It’s interactive. It’s searchable. It’s easy. It’s free. But are “popularity” or “searchability” or “ease” reasons enough to get your business a Facebook page?

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