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Are Celebrity Endorsement Tweets Worth the Dough?

I’m obsessed with Twitter. Not because I love tweeting, but because I think it’s being oversold when it comes to marketing. I don’t think it’s as useful as many marketers claim it to be. You’ve got just 140 characters to convey a compelling message while you try to cut through all the noise on any given feed at any given time.

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7 Tips for Creating Relevant Content

Content is king. As cliché as this may sound, there’s still a lot of truth in these three little words — even more so now with all the changes to Google’s algorithms. But in the rush to generate content, we often fail to question its relevancy. For today’s marketing efforts to work, content must be relevant. It must add value. It must get folks talking. It must be so good that it needs to be shared.

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Are You Using Social Media the Right Way?

Social media is relatively new, as far as marketing channels go. And we’re all pretty quick to adopt — adapt, even — any platform we can use to touch consumers. But there comes a point where we try to modify something beyond its original purpose so much that it becomes ineffectual. We miss out on opportunities and squander all of the advantages this channel has to offer.

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Is Being “Liked” Reason Enough for a Facebook Business Page?

Facebook for Business. You’ve got a page. If you don’t, you probably plan to. Or someone in your circle is insisting you should, and offering up a whole laundry list of reasons why. It’s popular. It’s interactive. It’s searchable. It’s easy. It’s free. But are “popularity” or “searchability” or “ease” reasons enough to get your business a Facebook page?

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Networking SUCKS…No Two Ways Around It

Harsh sentiments, yes. But networking sort of sucks. Or at least that’s the feeling I often come away with after most networking events. One of my main gripes is the very nature of this beast — to get something from someone else. When everyone in the room wants something from someone else without the willingness to give something in return, the whole thing comes off as self-serving and disingenuous — not to mention, defeats the entire purpose of networking.

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Most Influential Call-to-Action You’ll Ever Use

Calling consumers to take action is probably the single most important concept in marketing. After capturing the attention of your audience and articulating how your products or services can benefit your readers, you tell them what to do. Without some sort of directive, the consumer is less likely to take the next step. And you fail to convert.

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Don’t Count Out Direct Mail…Not Yet, At Least

After a quiet launch just over a year ago, Every Door Direct Mail is getting a massive multimedia marketing push. Part of the campaign is a series of television spots, each taking clever aim at the problems still facing businesses today. Finding an audience, driving in traffic, and just getting views are all fodder for these ads. And though they don’t come out and say it, it’s hard not to notice that they’re talking about the web as well.

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Can Your Brand Benefit from Inconsistency?

Consistency has long been a linchpin in marketing strategies. The more consistent the message is across all points of contact, the more likely the brand becomes recognizable to the consumer. So recognizable that it almost controls the public’s perception of the product, not to mention turns consumers into customers — at least that’s our hope.

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Are You Over-Optimized?

If you do anything with SEO or search marketing, you’ve no doubt heard rumblings of another change in Google’s algorithm. The shift is said to reward sites with high-quality content, while penalizing those overstuffed with keywords and questionable links. Barring any glitches, it’s a good move, allowing all the cream to rise to the top — at least when it comes to page rank.

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Time As Important As Consistency in Marketing

A lot has been written about consistency in marketing, and for good reason. When a consumer hears the same message in the same way at each point of contact, it builds brand awareness. This awareness makes your brand recognizable, differentiating you from your competitors. It also ensures that anyone talking about your brand talks about it in the way you want it to be talked about.

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Inbound Marketing — A Cure-All for Business Woes?

Inbound marketing. It’s not a new concept when it comes to marketing strategies, yet it's quickly becoming “all the buzz” with marketers, not to mention those who hire them. The idea is simple enough. Create useful content that brings consumers to your site. Content that maximizes search engine rankings and social media outlets to establish relationships between you and consumers. These relationships eventually earn you trust. Trust you then leverage to convert into business.

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Problems with Perceived Value of "Fair and Square" Pricing

February marked the end of endless markdowns at JC Penney. Instead, the retailer has moved to a simpler approach to pricing. Each item now falls in one of three tiers. First, all merchandise gets a “Fair and Square” price of about 40% less than the average ticket. Each month ushers in a theme sale, where products related to a holiday or time of year get a “Monthly Value” discount. From there, those items that don’t sell are put on clearance, either the first or third Friday of the month.

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